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2002 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon12 Jan 2002
My Apple Lisa schematics arrive complete with a free iMac poster :o)
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Lisa Icon13 Jan 2002
Happy day - got my naked Compukit UK101 running perfectly and I'm well on the way to sorting out the 2nd cased one. Also got some pix up of the Simon and BT Merlin Tonto.....
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Lisa Icon14 Jan 2002
The cased UK101 is working too - bad RAM on that one, so if anyone has any spare 2114 1K*4 RAM chips I'd be a grateful recipient :)
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Lisa Icon16 Jan 2002
PET 2001 is alive too now that I've traced its fault to bad video RAM - thanks Tony! I'm being plagued by bad 2114 chips here! More pix uploaded of the PET and the BT Merlin Tonto. Also had a photo reduction exercise and made some of the bigger images into thumbnails for faster page loading 'cos I'm *that* nice....hehe. 
I've also checked every link, corrected every typo, found every missing picture, eaten all me tea and pulled me socks up :)
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Lisa Icon17 Jan 2002
Apologies for the speed! After I was mentioned on the server got thrashed, so I've been limited a bit. Stick with it and it'll come in eventually.....
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Lisa Icon04 Feb 2002
Unopened boxed Tandy CoCo3's arrive with unopened tape deck; sorry, 'datacorder'. Thanks Ken & Janet! They have one or two spare as well. 
Merlin arrives, in its box with instructions, no polys. However, this one DOES have the all important battery cover that plagues others I've seen, and it works nicely! "Twenty unique sounds!" Ok, it beeps.
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Lisa Icon09 Feb 2002
What a week! Had an excellent time with John & Kate Grant, aka Nine Tiles - amongst other things creators of the ROMs for the ZX80, ZX81, some of the Spectrum firmware and bits of the Grundy Newbrain. More news to come later. Suffice to say if it wasn't for the ZX80 I wouldn't be here doing this now. 
2 unopened Prism VTX5000 modems arrive courtesy of Brian Gaff, who still has several left. 
DISC Company "Image" genlock for the CDTV arrives too, boxed in mint condition. All I have to do now is learn Dutch so I can read the manual :o)
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Lisa Icon16 Feb 2002
Magnavox Odyssey 300 pong arrives, complete with Conic TVG101-4 Grandstand-u-like Pong....
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Lisa Icon25 Feb 2002
*mega bounce* Commodore 65 arrives from Bo Zimmerman! Get over to the page now, you know you want to!
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Lisa Icon03 Mar 2002
Noticed a font rendering problem in Netscape so I've fixed that and also updated loads of pages in the Commodore corner and fixed the style sheet. Hopefully :) 
First boot sale of the year results in a lonely Amstrad PCW10, and Bo's sent over the software he had for the C65 - cheers!
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Lisa Icon07 Mar 2002
Boxed Atari 65XE arrives with a load of games - a combo pack featuring the machine, joystick and boxed XC12 tape deck. Outer box is battered but everything else is in excellent nick, aside from the machine itself which looks like it's been the victim of spillage most foul.
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Lisa Icon08 Mar 2002
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Lisa Icon09 Mar 2002
32 unopened Atari games arrive from O'Shea Ltd across the pond. 18 7800 carts and 14 2600 carts. They've still got 1 or 2 (hundred thousand) left :) Them limestone caverns they have are rather large.
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Lisa Icon28 Mar 2002
My 2nd Vectrex arrives, supposedly bust, but it works better than my working one! 
Also, courtesy of a local college on a clearout comes a pristine Digital VAX 4000-500 - nice machine!
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Lisa Icon06 Apr 2002
Much swearing and gnashing of teeth results in a new machine for me and a new server for the home network.....grrrrrr bloody MSI, I've had to go back to m$ products for my desktop now 'cos I was missing Photoshop and Dreamweaver too much. Still, the server is running Linux so at least it won't keep falling over in a heap. 
Recent finds: Winthronics Pong and more games for the Acetronic MPU1000, unfortunately they came with another MPU1000, so now I've got 4.....
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Lisa Icon28 Apr 2002
Woo! If you can read this then you're sitting on the new server 3 feet to the right of my legs! Hopefully it's all working smart...... 
Moochos to Kevan for hosting me all this time - star man and no mistake :)
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Lisa Icon06 May 2002
Handhelds bonanza - Tandy 'Ogre Eater', Bandai 'Gunfight', Grandstand 'Scramble' and old Grandstand 2000 Pong added to their respective sections.
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Lisa Icon12 May 2002
Lonely Radofin TeleGames 'Mentor' pong is found for a couple of quid :) 
The best condition Lisa 1 I've ever seen appears on ebay and the seller, Adam Goolevitch, has given me permission to reproduce the pictures here. Ta Adam!
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Lisa Icon14 May 2002
Most excellent trade with Rich Beaudry results in 2 Coleco ADAMs, one working and one not. Just pix up for now 'cos there's still a boxful of stuff coming over the pond. Cheers Rich!
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Lisa Icon15 May 2002
Excellent donation from Colin Hogben arrives - no less than 3 EACA Genie derivatives - a boxed Video Genie, Microdigital EG3003 and another Genie I. Also in the bundle is a disk interface and floppy drive, TRS80 LDOS, printer, printer interface and other bits and bobs. Cheers Colin!
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Lisa Icon06 Jun 2002
PET 2001 is working again after I find someone in the US still selling 2114 RAM chips, so now I've got enough to fix all my dead kit :) 
Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow, so happy birthday to me!
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Lisa Icon15 Jun 2002
I'm slightly chuffed. Got another Vectrex board that had had 'surgery', resulting in no RAM chips and some missing tracks so a bit of wire-wrap wire, a pair of sockets and the schematic results in a fully working Vectrex - that's the most complex board-level repair I've done up to now! Woo and yay to me, and thanks to Tony Duell for the inspiration.
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Lisa Icon16 Jun 2002
Well populated boot sale results in an Apple Mac Centris 650 for a quid and a boxed Amstrad CPC6128 - first boxed one I've seen in over 3 years collecting. Looking at the box it's no wonder people chucked 'em :)
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Lisa Icon17 Jun 2002
Apologies for anyone getting a break in their connections - discovered a wiring fault in the computer room that meant unplanned downtime. Have to get a UPS :o)
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Lisa Icon24 Jun 2002
Woo! The rest of my trade with Rich Beaudry arrives - the Coleco Adam printer, joysticks, books, tapes and other stuff to keep the Adam going. Most excellent!
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Lisa Icon27 Jun 2002
Spoke to my old Physics teacher tonight and sadly the ZX80 that started me on the computing career bit the dust many years ago. Pity, but that's what happens.
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Lisa Icon28 Jun 2002
For no reason other than 'I can' I've installed a smart new guestbook
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Lisa Icon29 Jun 2002
New Apple pix courtesy of John Woodall. Anyone got one like this they want to sell me? :)
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Lisa Icon05 Jul 2002
Prepping for when I get a Lisa 2/10 :) Unopened Widget boards arrive for spares.....
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Lisa Icon10 Jul 2002
Latest bits from Greenweld arrive - all Microprofessor related and all unopened - memory expansion, FORTH ROM and VIP-I/88 ROM, an IBM CGA character generator.
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