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2001 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon01 Jan 2001
Something important happens today.....can't remember what. *g*
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Lisa Icon15 Jan 2001
Excellent night tonight. On a sad note my temporary custodianship of the 2nd Commodore P500 has ended but hopefully it's off to be fixed. 
Still - start the year in the way I intend to go on! Machines added: boxed EACA Color Genie, boxed JVC HC-7GB MSX machine, strange long Memotech MTX512 (3 1/2 inches longer), another Dragon 32, another Toshiba HX10 (boxed starter kit but without the box!), Expert cart for the C64 and boxed C64 modem. 
Coming soon (ie once I've scanned it) - an advert from June 1980 for the Sinclair ZX80 *kit*, so it was only 3 or 4 months old :o)
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Lisa Icon17 Jan 2001
Some web digging has found one of the founders of Memotech and the chief designer of the MTX machines, so hopefully he'll come back to me and help to explain the stretched MTX512. 
Also found another Mattel Aquarius and a Binatone TV Master MK10 Pong in a secondhand shop :)
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Lisa Icon20 Jan 2001
Many pix of the new Memotech and the hoard from the 15th uploaded. 
Wallow in nostalgia with the ZX80 advert
Updated the Atari VCS pix 
Redone some of the Sinclair pages 
Put a 'last update' section on the Sinclair page so you can see what's changed more easily. Good to you, I am :) And yes, I *do* have better things to do!
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Lisa Icon23 Jan 2001
Moved to a new server today so I'm now nestling alongside Kevan's Computer Collection thanks to the owner, Kevan Heydon. Cheers mate! 
Update on the Stretched Memotech MTX512.....
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Lisa Icon24 Jan 2001
Excellent condition boxed Amiga 1200 put on Commodore page, or rather the *box* is. Machine's bust but it was cheap :) Came with the software pack and a new floppy drive. 
Also picked up a half boxed ZX81 with US RAM pack. Tad battered though!
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Lisa Icon25 Jan 2001
Smart condition Atari 7800 arrives, fully boxed with the wee thumbpads for the controllers. (*rare* ). Also Amstrad CT1 clock radio module to complement the MP3 TV Modulator for the CPC series machines, and a Prinztronic colour Pong. Older Atari 7800 moved to Sale page.
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Lisa Icon03 Feb 2001
Boxed bonanza! Very early Amiga 500, Amiga 600HD and perfect boxed original C64 added
Amiga 1500 with keyboard and mouse added. 
Binatone Superstar added to Pong page.
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Lisa Icon11 Feb 2001
Added some notes on the development of the serial ports for the VIC-20 and C64
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Lisa Icon12 Feb 2001
Boxed SEGA Megadrive and a black-fascia'd Atari 2600 Jr added, plus more carts.
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Lisa Icon24 Feb 2001
Another smart swap with Bill Garforth results in a Sinclair PC200 with all the bits! 
Fixed the guestbook too - s'not perfect but it's FREE :)
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Lisa Icon26 Feb 2001
Adverts section added for your nostalgic pleasure.
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Lisa Icon28 Feb 2001
More adverts and reviews added, including Sinclair PC200 and Spectrum 128K, SAM Coupe and Enterprise 64. 
Boxed Sega MegaCD added to SEGA page 
Tomy Alien Chase Handheld added
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Lisa Icon03 Mar 2001
Boxed Super Nintendo added to new Nintendo page
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Lisa Icon04 Mar 2001
First boot sale and my first PowerPC Macintosh - the Performa 6200.
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Lisa Icon05 Mar 2001
Picked up the Binatone TV Master MK8 I won for the Pong page. Cheers John!
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Lisa Icon08 Mar 2001
Magnavox Odyssey "Baseball" game arrives - perfect, considering it's from 1972!
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Lisa Icon09 Mar 2001
Many toys from the US of A, all unused - Timex Sinclair TS2068 (unboxed), TS1000 mint boxed and TS1500 boxed as mint as can be expected!
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Lisa Icon25 Mar 2001
Boxed Atari 520STfm added, along with a boxful of sequencing software and games.
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Lisa Icon26 Mar 2001
Boxed Commodore A590 hard disk for the Amiga added, as well as part boxed Interstate Pong and another boxed Atari 7800 to complete the museum's boxed one.
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Lisa Icon27 Mar 2001
Validated all the main pages with's HTML 4.01 validator and fixed the errors. BD is now Netscape 4/IE4 and above compliant! 'Bout time too :)
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Lisa Icon28 Mar 2001
ICL One-Per-Desk arrives courtesy of Becca and the local auction cost £2.34!
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Lisa Icon29 Mar 2001
More reviews added to the Adverts section, including the ZX81 and Jupiter Ace.
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Lisa Icon30 Mar 2001
Added the schematics for the Commodore P500 to the P500 page.
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Lisa Icon31 Mar 2001
Mint boxed SEGA Megadrive II, Speccy Multiface 1 and Doodler ZX81 lightpen added, also got a bunch of Vic-20 carts and cassettes.
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Lisa Icon02 Jun 2001
Amstrad PC1512DD arrives in excellent nick courtesy of Pat - ta!
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Lisa Icon03 Jun 2001
German VC20 found bolted to a bit of school desk lid today! Odd, to say the least. Pix as they happen, particularly if it's found to work!
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Lisa Icon04 Jun 2001
Just discovered I've been in the Netsurfer Digest; have to mail them and say ta for the glowing writeup :) They're at:
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Lisa Icon05 Jun 2001
Got a job! I'm not chuffed at all :o)) 
Commodore 1701 monitor and boxed 1541 II floppy added to the Commodore page, plus some logic probes so I can start working on my dead machines if time allows.
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Lisa Icon06 Jun 2001
Amiga 2000 with keyboard added.
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