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2003 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon07 Jan 2003
In shifting the whole museum (6 people and a whole weekend!) after being made redundant I discovered the Burroughs B21 workstation donated ages ago by Derek Harrison. Interesting, if weird, machine!
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Lisa Icon22 Jan 2003
Graham Thornton sends me some great scans of Atari and VIC brochures, with more to come.....cheers Graham! Also an update to the Atari page with pix of the MegaST4 and new pix of the PC2 & PC3.
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Lisa Icon29 Jan 2003
An update I'd promised to do ages ago but got waylaid - more info on the Voltmace Database cartridge Pong courtesy of Derek Andrews, now a woodturner in Canada but back then a programmer for Voltmace. Cheers Derek!
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Lisa Icon12 Feb 2003
A nice relaxing drive to the Lake District (lovely scenery, fog, sun, tourists in camper vans) results in a slightly malfunctioning but repairable boxed Tandy TRS80 Model 1, complete with boxed expansion interface, boxed monitor, boxed floppy drives and 2 boxes of documentation and goodies courtesy of Rick Reed, his wife and his daughters who all deserve many thanks for donating such a historically important machine - cheers! Pix should be up by the weekend.
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Lisa Icon14 Feb 2003
A trade with Thomas Hillebrandt in Denmark results in an Commodore 1000 with keyboard, rodent and boot disks - cheers Thomas! It looks like it didn't survive the trip across the water however (no kickstart prompt), but should be fixable.
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Lisa Icon20 Feb 2003
It's fixed! One pristine working Amiga 1000 is now up, including all pictures of the stripdown and rebuild. I've also narrowed the fault with Rick's TRS80 to be either the ROM chips themselves or the address/data lines leading to the ROM chips. Fortunately there's a lot of documentation out there on the web :)
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Lisa Icon05 Mar 2003
Yet another trip to the Lake District to a fairly remote house a bit further south than the TRS80 Model 1 came from results in me picking up the museum's tallest machine - a Digital MINC-11 laboratory computer that's basically a PDP 11/03 but with bays where boffins can plug in testing modules for, well, testing things. Donated by Eddie Clunan - cheers Eddie! Pix up soon.
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Lisa Icon16 Mar 2003
Geoff McHugh donates some Microbee IIs and a French Grundy Newbrain AD with several expansion interfaces, courtesy of his shed :) Cheers Geoff! Microbee pix up soon, Newbrain pix up now....
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Lisa Icon24 Mar 2003
Finally got the Microbee pictures up, as well as a bit of info. I also forgot the unbuilt Acorn System 1 kit I got not so long back! Oop. Also one of last week's arrivals, a working Atari MegaST 2.
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Lisa Icon25 Mar 2003
A sad day. The Register reports the sad death of Adam Osborne, the man who designed the world's first portable computer - the Osborne 1 - in 1981. May he rest in peace.
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Lisa Icon26 Mar 2003
Finally fix my TRS80 Model III and upload pix of the Model 1 donated by Rick Reed.
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Lisa Icon28 Mar 2003
Email received from Martin Scott Goldberg over at ClassicGaming with a good wedge of info on the Coleco ADAM. Thanks Martin! I've also found a Coleco history page online and added it to my Coleco page.
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Lisa Icon31 Mar 2003
Excellent donation from David Norman arrives - an IBM 5150, also known as the IBM PC. Yep, the reason for the thing you're most likely sitting in front of now, complete with 2 floppy drives and a cassette port. He also bundled in a 5161 expansion box, which looks like the PC but has no keyboard connector. Thanks David! :o)
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Lisa Icon01 Apr 2003
Pix of the fully assembled and running IBM 5150 are up
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Lisa Icon09 Apr 2003
Yay! My Domesday discs arrive and my Domesday machine is finally happy!! *bounce*
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Lisa Icon09 May 2003
Just noticed I haven't updated for a while! Oops. Anyhoo, latest items to arrive - unpopulated Amiga 4000T motherboard, Commodore LCD Panel (useage unknown but it's new) and a new copy of AmigaOS 3.5, just because I can :) Also, a visit from Rich "" Harding leaves me with a box for my A1000 and a Microvitec touch screen add-on for the Cub monitor. Nice! Pix soon.
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Lisa Icon11 May 2003
An excellent day out at the Wakefield RiscOS 2003 show yesterday results in me being knackered after showing off my Domesday System - interest's definitely still there! For 6 and a half hours I never stopped, and much credit to my system for keeping going for that long, aside from a slight disc-related hiccup. Also many thanks to Mike for his donation of the Ecodisc!
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Lisa Icon12 May 2003
Enterprise bonanza part the second the sequel featuring prototype hardware, ROMS and machines from the Enterprise factory! And I also forgot about the ICL One-Per-Desk box I found at the Wakefield RiscOS show :)
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Lisa Icon26 May 2003
Unopened box of 10 Camputers Lynx keyboards arrives! Now it's opened and the place stinks of solder flux :)
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Lisa Icon29 May 2003
Thanks to Andy Finney of the BBC's Domesday Project I've got a couple of extra web links for people interested in this brilliant snapshot of life in mid the 1980's UK. Domesday page then!
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Lisa Icon04 Jun 2003
Unopened and therefore still glued shut Coleco ADAM modem arrives courtesy of Rick Karmath in the US. It'll be a shame to open the box but I think it has to be done; I just hope there's something left to dial into!
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Lisa Icon07 Jun 2003
Happy birthday to me! Yay! Some smart pressies from the missus: EACA Color Genie joysticks, an excellent boxed Dragon32, a Triumph-Adler Alphatronic (which still isn't here yet) and a Radofin Color TV Pong! Ta luv!
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Lisa Icon12 Jun 2003
Oh yes! I finally get my paws on a boxed Magnavox Odyssey - the game that kickstarted the whole PONG and TV game revolution in 1972! 
Also updates to the Enterprise page with more pix.
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Lisa Icon08 Jul 2003
Meep! Long time no update! I've been working on the newest incarnation of BinarySaurs, soon to be released in all its shiny PHP and easy to maintain glory :o) 
Recent additions: Unopened Mattel Aquarius 4K and 16K RAM carts, Unopened boxed Apple Lisa 2/10 motherboard, Apple Mac Performa 400 with yet another Stylewriter II printer
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Lisa Icon08 Jul 2003
Welcome to the New Look site, redesigned from the ground up to make life easier for me in maintaining it! Gone is the frameset that some of you didn't like, and because 98% of all layout is now done using CSS instead of tables those of you running older browsers and text browsers should have no problems with the words, and I can implement site changes by altering a single file. 
There's now a single standard header, menu and footer, and picture viewing is done with a custom PHP class wot I wrote, so all I have to do is put images and corresponding thumbnails in a folder and the script does the rest. Smart. Remember all machine pics are thumbnails so click on 'em for the Big Picture. 
All screen sizes use the same menu too, so the amount of javascript has been reduced to only the menu mouseovers. Enjoy :) 
Oh, the titles for each page are courtesy of my Apple Lisa - I created my own font using screen dumps of the Lisa Desktop and wrote a PHP script to dynamically create the titles! As you do.
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Lisa Icon09 Jul 2003
After a battle with the post office a Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC arrives - the original one went missing apparently so this is a spare one and the missus got her money back. Smart.
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Lisa Icon05 Sept 2003
Meh, I knew there was something I needed to do - update this place! Latest arrivals are a proper boxed Sinclair PC200 (pix soon), an EPROM eraser and an oddity known as a 'Polystation'....yep, it's a recent Super Famicom clone that looks like a Playstation :) 
I've also realised I haven't updated the Nascom page after Tim Weedon donated a nice pair of Nascom IIs, one of which is in an excellent homebrew case - thanks Tim! Must do that next week......
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Lisa Icon08 Sept 2003
As promised I've updated the Nascom page with a couple of links and pix of the Nascoms.....pity I can't use that wooden one as an email terminal - it's class :)
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Lisa Icon26 Sept 2003
2 new arrivals at BD Towers recently, an Amiga 2000HD that was apparently the machine that legendary game 'Shadow of the Beast' was written on, according to the bloke that gave it to me (he works in the games industry sooo....) and a boxed VideoTronic Pong which is an early xmas pressie from the Missus :) Odd beast (the pong, I mean) 'cos it looks like a bit of bench test equipment from a lab!
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Lisa Icon01 Oct 2003
Yay! After many months of painstaking work by Mark Tapley my Digital VAXstation 4000VLC arrives! Excellent machine, originally provided by Charles Sandmann, it's a VAX in a case the size of a pizza box! Pity one of the many parcel 'carrying' services dropped it on the way, but it still works :o). Thanks Charles and Mark!
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