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2000 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon11 Jun 2000
Partially boxed Toshiba HX22GB put onto the Toshiba page 
Started putting site updates on, though whether anyone reads it is a moot point *g*
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Lisa Icon12 Jun 2000
Fully boxed Toshiba HX10 on the Toshiba page
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Lisa Icon17 Jun 2000
Amstrad 6128+ with all-important BASIC cart added to Amstrad page. Comes with a box of disks. 
Existing 6128+ moved to sale page 
Atari 520STfm added to Atari page. Needs a spring for the left SHIFT key though!
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Lisa Icon18 Jun 2000
Spectrum + 128K and "Maplins" 16K ZX81 added to Sinclair page. Box of games too
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Lisa Icon25 Jun 2000
Amstrad CPC664 added to Amstrad page. Bust drive electronics though. Or is it the monitor since the power for the drive comes from the 12V port on the front? Could explain why 2 6128s and now the 664 have failed..... 
Entrepo Quick Data Drive arrives; unopened condition! Commodore page for that one.
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Lisa Icon26 Jun 2000
Apple ][ Europlus, twin floppies and loads of books, software added to Apple page after a visit to rubbish tip hell. 
Got a Big Box o' BBC Masters, Bs and Cumana disk drives too from a different location.
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Lisa Icon27 Jun 2000
Issue 1 Spectrum and original (but built) ZX81 kit added to Sinclair page. 
Amiga Action Replay cart and Techno Sound Turbo Amiga stereo sampler 
added to Commodore page 
Spectrum+3 on sale page now has working disk drive. Pic also. 
More pix uploaded.
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Lisa Icon01 Jul 2000
Another mint mail-order boxed ZX81 on the Sinclair page. 
Looks plug marks on PSU etc. That's the 12th so there's 2 unboxed ones up for grabs. 
Amstrad MP2 modulator for the CPC6128 goes on the Amstrad page 
3 ZX81 games/education tapes arrive - QS Asteroids, Sinclair Education 5 and Artic 1K games pack.
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Lisa Icon02 Jul 2000
Boxed Speccy 48 moved to sale page. Outer is a bit tatty but the internals are in excellent condition as the pictures show. Comes with software starter pack. Machine doesn't beep for some reason. 
Finally got Atic Atac on cassette :) 
Annoyance factor 10 - I've spent hours pissing about with the drives on 3 Amstrads only to find the culprit is the monitor not kicking out the 12V! Arse. Still, I've now got 3 working machines thanks to some new rubber bands and a small amount of swearing. 
One of the spare ZX81s has just gone too.
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Lisa Icon04 Jul 2000
Celebrated American Independence day by joining the Computer Museums and Retrocomputing Culture webring! 
Guestbook added.
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Lisa Icon07 Jul 2000
More pix uploaded to sinclair, atari, commodore, pong, sale pages 
CBS/Coleco page added
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Lisa Icon08 Jul 2000
Mac Colour Classic added to Apple page 
2nd spare ZX81 goes to a good home.
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Lisa Icon10 Jul 2000
Got smashed into yesterday bringing a load of Apple stuff home; I love neck braces.... 
Still, items added to museum: 
Apple /// with ProFile 
Apple ][ Europlus with 2 floppies 
Apple ][gs signed and decicated internally by Steve Wozniak (not the 'Woz' edition). Looks smart with proper GS keyboard. 
Apple ][+ with a bundle of cards/books 
US Apple ][c that I accidentally fried with 240V power......bunch of arse...... 
Spare /// for parts; unfortunately it's already given up its keyboard since the good /// got it's own keyboard mashed in the collision. :( 
RANA floppy drive, boxed. 
Loads of spare parts including field service bits for the ][ and a barrel of cards, books, games etc. 
Kudos to Richard Kilpatrick for that lot.......
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Lisa Icon11 Jul 2000
Post Mortem: seems that only the /// keyboard was the major sufferer; I've blown the fuse in the ][c so that's repairable, the blue line on an HP Apollo 9000 workstation's gone the journey, everything else survived.
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Lisa Icon12 Jul 2000
Hewlett-Packard page added 
Couple more Binatone Pongs added to pong page 
MicroVAX 2000 added to DEC page 
More pix uploaded.
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Lisa Icon15 Jul 2000
Boxed Amstrad 464+ added to Amstrad page 
Also got a few Sinclair bits, I/F 1, Microdrive, Issue 2 Speccy in Saga Emperor keyboard, carts, boxed Currah Microspeech, Fox joystick controller and a few books. 
Just found a Barcode Battler downstairs :) 
QL bits I'd forgotten to add: Tandata Q-Mod 12/75 modem, Cumana 3 1/2 floppy i/f and Terminal Emulation s/w. 
Also fixed the Mac Colour Classic..... 
Handhelds section created - Grandstand boxed Space Invaders game I got for me birthday :)
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Lisa Icon22 Jul 2000
Boxed Multiface 1 added to Sinclair page, therefore unboxed Multiface 1 moved to Sale page! 
Got another boxful of Beeb B and Master stuff today too.
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Lisa Icon24 Jul 2000
Absolutely mint boxed Amiga 500 "European Computer Of The Year" edition and late 'new-logo' Amiga 1200HD added to Commodore page 
Forgot about my Atari 400 with 410 tape drive, as well as Arabic Atari VCS clone. Atari page, then. Thanks again to Richard Kilpatrick.
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Lisa Icon27 Jul 2000
Woohoo! *bounce*. Got myself listed on - the homepage of none other than Steve Wozniak himself, co-founder of Apple and creator of the Apple I and ][, arguably the machine that helped redefine personal computing. Understatement: I'm a bit chuffed :o)) Got 4 'W's out of 5 too.
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Lisa Icon30 Jul 2000
Bargain of the week - Mac Plus in travel case with 800K external floppy and loads of disks. Apple page! 
Fixed Mac Plus moved to Sale page 
Multiface 1 removed from Sale page when I discover there was 2 Multiface 1s! 
*Nearly* finish moving into museum room proper. 
More pix uploaded
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Lisa Icon31 Jul 2000
Saved a couple of Beeb Master Compacts and some boxed Multitech MicroProfessors with options from the skip today. Also with the bundle was a 2nd 6502 processor and a teletext adapter for the Beeb B. Acorn page and Multitech page for those.
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Lisa Icon05 Aug 2000
Excellent condition boxed Grandstand SD070 cartridge pong added to the Pong page. 
Issue 2 Spectrum in DK'Tronics keyboard put onto Sale page
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Lisa Icon06 Aug 2000
Not quite mint Grandstand Video Entertainment Computer (aka Fairchild Channel F II), Grandstand 5000 and Nintendo-U-Like Chinese machine called Micro Genius added to Pong page 
Boxed Astro Wars added to Handhelds page 
2 boxed Atari 2600s plus oodles of games too. That'll be the Atari page then. 
Bundle of Vic-20 carts added to Commodore page
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Lisa Icon08 Aug 2000
Mint Colecovision Expansion 1 arrives; box is in German but do I care? :) It looks unused.....Coleco page then. 
More pix uploaded. 
Forgot about the Atari 800 boxed 16K expansion......
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Lisa Icon13 Aug 2000
Smart weekend - boxed BBC Master 128, boxed Grandstand 3600 pong, another boxed Acetronic MPU1000, another boxed Spectrum+2a (black), a boxed Amstrad CPC6128+ with boxed monitor, part boxed Dragon 32, Commodore 128 and the jewel in the crown - a boxed unused (and unreleased by all accounts) Commodore P500, dated 1983 and with a serial number of 161. So! That'll be Acorn, Pong, Sale, Amstrad and Commodore pages then!
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Lisa Icon15 Aug 2000
Absolute shedload of pix uploaded, 82 to be exact, principally on the Commodore, Sinclair, Atari, Texas Instruments, Sharp, Apple, Handhelds pages. 
Forgot about the Apple Newton fax modem too.
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Lisa Icon18 Aug 2000
Woohoo! My first international trade arrives yesterday - a Microdigital TK90X courtesy of Luis Pedro Baeza Quevedo of Chile, South America. 
The box is a little battered in transit but the machine and associated bits are in one piece, therefore: 
Handhelds page created.
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Lisa Icon20 Aug 2000
Not a bad weekend I s'pose. Another boxed Grandstand VEC (different box), boxed Systema TV Boy II and a boxed Colour Binatone TV Master MkIV (orange box). Plus my Intellivoice module arrived from Telegames
Systema page created then. Rest is on the Pong and Mattel pages. 
Also an Amstrad PCW16 obtained in a fit of English weather. It's dry now though, and it still works!
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Lisa Icon09 Sept 2000
Mac SE arrives in the post, bust. Thanks Post Office! Twats. Anyway, I've got the guts of another SE to transplant so I should end up with a working one. 
Got the rest of the MicroProfessor stuff, so there's another 5 or 6 MPF-1's available for the cost of p&p, also picked up a working Philips CM8833MK2. 
Commodore MPS1230 boxed obtained last weekend, as well as an odd electronic game called MANIAC, also boxed. 1979 so gods knows what it does. Pix to come soon. 
My gf brought me back an Entec Galaxian2 handheld as well as a Mattel American Football handheld from her US 
This update wasn't done in a hurry, honest.
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Lisa Icon15 Sept 2000
UK fuel crisis update! Working from home's odd. I can have the radio on to listen to Scrawn & Lard; the phone isn't constantly ringing, I've got a nice view, I'm in my *own* computer room! Strange. 
Anyway, that was earlier on. Now it's 20:00 and I've finally managed to get both Mac SE's shoehorned into one box thus making a working one. It's cost me a CRT (never heard one decompress before :), but it's working. And I now know that the screen from my dead Mac Classic works fine since it's now in a spare Mac Plus! 
Discovered my latest Amiga 1200HD is actually a *real* Amiga and not a CBM one, ie back from when Escom owned Amiga for a bit. Change to the Inhabitants page then. 
Boxed colecovision coming next week, hopefully, as well as a spare video card and screen for Lisa. Hopefully
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disk iconEnd of Updatesdisk icon

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