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Home Computing History

Welcome to Binary Dinosaurs, the online display of a real collection of nearly 500 computers that begins at the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972, travels through the 'pong wars' of the 1970s, visits the explosion of diversity and excellence that created the home computer market of the early 80's and ends when things started getting boring (for me) in about 2001 with the Apple Mac G4, a machine still in use today.

Head up to the Control Panel to find your way around the site and enjoy your visit!

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Lisa Icon28 May 2016
A bloke called Eric has 'blown up' a humble CBM/MOS 6502 processor to show each one of its transistors and constituent parts in action so you can see how a single instruction is performed. Brilliant.
Lisa Icon03 Apr 2016
Britain's first mass produced computer, the Hollerith Electronic Computer (HEC-1) is now on display at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.
Lisa Icon25 Mar 2016
A fully playable web-based version of my favourite ZX81 game is now online - 3D Monster Maze! Get chomped into little bits at 
"Anyone there?"
Lisa Icon22 Mar 2016
Andy Grove, Intel's first 'proper' employee and father of the x86 architecture and Wintel partnership with Microsoft has died at 79. RIP sir.
Lisa Icon26 Dec 2015
Since October I've got my mojo back repairing some of the museum inhabitants that have bit-rotted in the 10-15 years since I got them. So far I've brought back 4 PETs - 4016, 4032, 8096 and my favourite 8096-SK. While I remember how to code in PHP again I've put some updates on the BDFB page at
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