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2017 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon30 Jan 2017
Sad news, 'Mr Pacman' Masaya Nakamura has died, RIP.
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Lisa Icon10 Mar 2017
Here's a museum in Maryland USA I wouldn't mind a wander around, this is exactly what I'd like to do here if only I had the cash! 
Bob Roswell's System Source Museum:  
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Lisa Icon29 Mar 2017
Fancy emulating a Tandy TRS80 Model 3? Now you can! 
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Lisa Icon15 Apr 2017
NEW PAGE! Yes, the first new inhabitant page since it was all unsigned integers and non-leaky batteries around here. 
My STC Executel page is now online even though I haven't fixed the machine in question yet. Wallow in 1980 phone nostalgia. And a leaky battery. 
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Lisa Icon16 Apr 2017
Webserver upgrade yesterday broke quite a few things! Still, I took the opportunity to fix a few niggling bugs that I'd not looked at for $years like the Inhabitants page sort order and picture display for some of the bigger adverts. Now it will scale the picture and provide a link for full size goodness.
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Lisa Icon19 Apr 2017
This shows you how far we've come - emulate a Classic Mac in your browser with a couple of 'hard drives' full of Internet Archive programs and games, do it now! 
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Lisa Icon21 Apr 2017
Just because 'he can' Bill Buzbee over in California has made a totally custom built-from-scratch-with-discrete-CPU machine with its own OS and TCP/IP stack. Check out the Magic-1 here:  
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Lisa Icon23 Apr 2017
Happy 35th birthday to the ZX Spectrum! Arguably the reason a lot of us are still doing this 'computer' malarkey. A round of applause for Uncle Clive, Steve Vickers, Richard Altwasser, Rick Dickinson, John Grant and everyone I've forgotten.
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Lisa Icon04 May 2017
I realised I'd not listed my Multitech Microprofessor MPF-II despite owning it for at least 10 years. Oops. 
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Lisa Icon08 May 2017
I've finally - FINALLY - managed to add and photograph the Osborne Executive I was given by Alan Hanks many years ago, It all works nicely too. 
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Lisa Icon16 May 2017
Well this could be entertaining for a wee while - a 4.3BSD Unix that runs in usermode on a 68k Mac without an MMU. TCP/IP and NFS support too! 
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Lisa Icon07 Jun 2017
Sad news, one of the co-creators of COBOL has died. Jean Sammet RIP 
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Lisa Icon09 Jun 2017
After a trip to Worthing last weekend to meet Paul Miles, ex of STC, I'm now home to much Executel goodness including 2 boxed machines and service docs along with all the source code :D 
(I just need to learn PLM now) 
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Lisa Icon05 Aug 2017
After seeing a post on Twitter earlier I realised I'd never created a page for my Microwriter MW4, so here it is! 
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Lisa Icon07 Aug 2017
Added a page for my newly completed Tynemouth Software 'Minstrel' ZX80 clone, go see! 
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Lisa Icon11 Aug 2017
Happy birthday Woz!
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