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STM Pied Piper
When Jeremy Wilcox first contacted me he said he had a few Communicators he'd rescued from the skip when they were all dumped from his company's service department. I wasn't actually prepared for the amount of STM stuff he gave me, and I was even less prepared to discover that one of the machines was one of the very first prototypes made by STM in Canada and reviewed in the hallowed pages of PCN as mentioned on the previous page. This machine (serial #38) had, like some of the others, been butchered for spares but I've managed to resurrect it and almost restore it to its former glory.
Nowadays it could be seen as 'just another CP/M machine' but back then it was a really impressive piece of kit, though the carrying handle is still crap :) Jeremy also gave me an external floppy drive enclosure which I didn't know existed, as well as some of the 2 port serial cards. Fortunately the original STM floppies still work so I was able to run the demo as can be seen in the pictures.
Pictures of the later models to come once I've got them in some semblance of order; anyone got some spare WDC floppy drive controllers they'd like to part with? :)
2017 Pictures
I revisited this machine a few weeks ago after finally finding the box of floppies, the usual long term storage problems reared their heads, namely leaking electrolytic capacitors and dirty drive heads, but after a few cap swaps and a bit of a clean up it sprang back into life, excellent
Disk Images
I've managed to image pretty much all the Pied Piper disks I have so I've bundled them into a single 3mb zip file. Disk specs are in the zip but just for completeness they're all done with Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk and are 250kbps, Double Sided, Single Step, 1:1 interleave, 10x512 sectors.

Boot disks, diagnostics, the demo disk and the whole Perfect Office suite. Hopefully they're of use to someone! Filenames are based on the disk labels.

Click me
ROM Images
Here are the ROM images: Click me!

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