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Items For Sale/Trade
The following bits and pieces are up for grabs - go on, I won't bite! Mail me with offers. See the 'wanted' page for stuff I'd like.

Acorn Computers Ltd
Some Econet cards for the BBC Master.
Apple Computer
Mac Classic, 4mb RAM 40mb disk, keyboard, short circuit on analog board. (ie it goes BANG with a fuse in, but I'm planning on fixing it soon)
Atari Computer Corp.
7800 ProSystem with games. Working.
Commodore Business Machines
Mk 2 Vic-20, broken "£" key, key included! (Good to you, I am :) Also with PSU
C64C and PSU, working
2xC64C, both working, one PSU.
12 C2N recorders ranging from original to C16 compatible.
Poor condition 1520 printer in polystyrene packaging, probably for spares.
Sinclair Research Ltd
Alphacom printer for ZX81/Speccy, with a paper roll.
Speccy 48 for spares
Issue 2 Speccy in DK'Tronics keyboard enclosure. Missing some stickers off the keys.
RAM Turbo joystick i/f
Kempston Joystick i/f
Many joysticks of various flavours....soon to go in the skip I think!

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