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Timex-Sinclair TS2068
I'm not entirely sure whether the TS2000 ever got released in the US. It was purely a rebadged 48K Spectrum in a darker version of the case used for the TS1500. Plans were afoot for a whole slew of TS machines going right up to (I think) a u**x based machine, but the last one to be produced by Timex Inc was the TS2068 - a massively improved Spectrum with extended BASIC, 'proper' sound, monitor output, 2 joystick ports and the TS1510 Command Cartridge player from the TS1500 built in. It also came in a new case and had an almost real keyboard, ie it was a chiclet style one rather than the 'dead flesh' rubber one. I think there were also compatability problems with UK Spectrum software because of changes to the ROM. I decided to dismantle it not so long back, purely because someone told me the polarity of the power socket was the other way round so if you plugged in a normal Speccy PSU you'd fry the machine. Since I've got the original power brick for it I'd best use that eh.
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