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ZX81 kit
Despite what you might see in papers and at online auctions these kits are still available from Zebra Systems in New York, USA (last price $99), along with brand new Memotech 32K RAM packs as well as Timex Sinclair books. Beware that the systems were destined for the Spanish speaking South American market so the power supply is US 110V and the BASIC manual is in Spanish! Oddly, Stewart's writeup on why he has those kits left doesn't mention that fact. I guess if he was importing for schools etc then the manual wouldn't matter! They're for US TVs too, but that can be changed by different placing of one of the links in the video circuit. I think it's detailed in the assembly instructions on Zebra's site.
Pix of the kit: (*MINT*WOW*L@@K*RARE etc etc <yawn>)

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