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A tale of two Multitechs. In the UK we know one as being a manufacturer of modems in the 80s/90s, but THIS one were a Taiwanese company who specialised in Z80-based microcomputer trainers. Their first one, the MPF-1B is still in production today and sold at an eye-wateringly expensive price by Flite Microsystems. Even though it was very basic (sorry) it was soon picked up by schools and colleges and Multitech produced peripherals such as a the lights-and-switches-and-a-fan applications board, thermal printer, EPROM burner, sound module and even an IBM graphics module.
Not content with that they upgraded the 1B to produce the 1P, a plus version with bigger display and TINY BASIC (I remember this from the TRS80 Model 1 - friendly errors like 'ERROR' and 'WHAT'). Not content with THAT they embarked on the MPF-II, an ambitious clone of the Apple ][ which fortunately for them wasn't THAT compatible.
I remember tales of an MPF-III and even an MPF-PC but asides from adverts I don't think much came of them. These days they're the famous Acer brand.
MicroProfessor MPF-1B Z80 CPU trainer, boxed complete, excellent condition
MicroProfessor MPF-1P Z80 Trainer MKII, boxed, donated by Mathias Ohlerich, thanks!
EPB-MPF Eprom burner, boxed with manual, excellent condition
EPB-MPF Eprom burner boxed complete with manual, PSU, keyboard overlay, cables.
PRT-MPF thermal printer, boxed with manual, excellent condition
SGB-MPF-IP sound module, boxed.
MPF Applications board
Not-an-Apple][, the MPF-II with external keyboard, donated by Victor Hadden. new!
Unopened PRT-1B option for the MPF-I Plus, looking staggeringly like the PRT-MPF above :)
VIP-I/88 IBM CGA Graphics module, unopened
FORTH-I/88 Forth ROM pack, unopened
IOM-MPF CSA MD-6 memory expansion, unopened

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