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Mk1 Vic-20
This is a beauty; many thanks go to people in rural areas who have tons of space and therefore don't throw packaging out when they get their shiny new machine. The VIC-20 (Video Interface Chip) was CBM's first foray into cheap colour computing in 1981 after their successful PET series. Originally designed as a games system, Commodore couldn't find anyone interested in manufacturing it, so they added a keyboard and a bigger case and made it themselves.
It was expensive, but it could play music! It had a half decent pallet of colours! It had a decent keyboard! It had an awful BASIC! It's main rival was the Texas Instruments Ti99/4A, and it could do pretty much the same things. This one is one of the first 7000 ever made, which is why its keyboard looks very PET-like. It's PSU seems to be made of Dark Matter since it's so heavy :)

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