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Camputers Lynx 128
Unknown history for this machine. I bought it from Tim Schomer, who'd got it from a clearance shop. Aside from the top half of the case being sprayed cream it's also got a redesigned motherboard - Mark 2 Issue A. This is probably to accommodate the 128Ks worth of RAM chips and allow space for the extra 64K to get the machine up to its maximum of 192K. The speaker has been rehoused to allow the ROM chips to sit underneath it - 3 as opposed to 2 in the 48K machine.
The PSU is either non-standard or has been rehoused to allow for an on-off switch, and the manual is half printed and half drawn :) Possibly a pre-production prototype? Even the ports on the back have been hand labelled.
The printer interface is smart though; I couldn't remember whether Camputers ever produced something for the interface slot before they sadly went out of business sometime in 1984/5.
Some notes from Tim:
"The 128 has an extensions ROM in it, and with 128K onboard it won't have any space for an upgrade, although there is an expansion connector by the video RAM that allows for another 64K to be installed on a daughter board.
There was also another expansion module available to take it upto a grand total of 256K, (128k Video) This would be assigned as a 'Ramdrive' for program/data storage (a bit like the Amstrad PCW range) and would only really be any use when you had CP/M running.
I don't know if the case on the PSU is original, I seem to remember that most didn't have a power switch, so it may have been 'Re-housed', to accommodate the switch. As for the colour, I thought it looked quite nice that colour, although I'm not sure it might not have been a case of find some Car-plan spray the right colour and re-spray it."

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