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RM Link 480Z
After a successful run with the 380Z RM released this, a smaller cassette based machine built round the 4 mhz Z80A processor with 32k of memory. Originally produced in a black steel case (apparently the tool used to make the plastic cases was dropped!) with a 40 character TV interface, it was later expanded to have an 80 column monitor output. Once the moulding problems had been sorted the white plastic cased version was released, and by this time there was also a hi-res add-on card that allowed colour output - the original was monochrome only. The only peripheral I can remember being released was a floppy drive even though the base hardware wasn't designed for one - in CBM style all comms were done using a high speed serial link.
This was the last Z80 machine RM produced; the followup was the high-spec PC-186.
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