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2015 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon18 Oct 2015
Finally created a Facebook page for this place after years of resistoring, I didn't think I had the capacitor to do both but we'll see how it GOTOs. 
More here: 
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Lisa Icon19 Oct 2015
Thought I'd finally got round do dumping the contents of all the ROMs I got with my last Enterprise haul 10 years ago or so. Pat self on back then discover a directory containing most of them from the LAST time I did it in 2006. NOOPs.
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Lisa Icon20 Oct 2015
Got a spare Zebra ZX81 kit lying around? Why not build it, but remember the PSU is likely to be 110V - watch out for the magic smoke! 
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Lisa Icon22 Dec 2015
Thanks to a donation by the very excellent Mathias Ohlerich I'm now home to a Microprofessor MPF-1P in it's book-like case. Thanks Mathias!
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Lisa Icon26 Dec 2015
Since October I've got my mojo back repairing some of the museum inhabitants that have bit-rotted in the 10-15 years since I got them. So far I've brought back 4 PETs - 4016, 4032, 8096 and my favourite 8096-SK. While I remember how to code in PHP again I've put some updates on the BDFB page:  
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