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2013 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon18 Jan 2013
Happy birthday Apple Lisa (tomorrow). I wanted one of these when they were released in 1983 and featured on the launch issue of Personal Computer News. Happily my 2/10 is still working nicely. 
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Lisa Icon13 Mar 2013
Excellent writeup on the history of the ZX Microdrive by El Reg here:  
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Lisa Icon22 Mar 2013
Today El Reg focuses on the history of the Camputers Lynx:  
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Lisa Icon29 Apr 2013
How the Sord M5 attempted to break into the UK and failed:  
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Lisa Icon03 Jul 2013
Sad news, Doug Engelbart who gave us the computer mouse amongst other things has died in his sleep at 88. RIP. 
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Lisa Icon12 Sept 2013
This is well worth looking at, the fabled 'Twiggy Mac' in use this week! 
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