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2006 Museum Updates
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Lisa Icon10 Jan 2006
Thanks to Andy Smith I'm now home to 2 big Tandy boxes, another nearly working boxed Model 1 with Expansion Interface and floppy drive as well as a boxed Model 4 with loads of software and other bits and bobs. 
Cheers Andy!
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Lisa Icon16 May 2006
Here's something you don't see every day, a BBC Domesday machine that was used to actually create some of the video content for the Domesday Discs! A writeup is here
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Lisa Icon31 May 2006
Courtesy of Brendan Breen comes a beautiful condition Exidy Sorceror complete with external S100 bus expansion box, Micropolis floppies and a monitor! Best of all, it nearly works :o)
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Lisa Icon13 Aug 2006
Dammit, a hard disk crash a couple of weeks ago means all site updates this year have vanished from the database, those of you paying attention will remember that wasn't actually that many but that's not the point :o) Hopefully all can be resurrected via the gift of emails......
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Lisa Icon15 Aug 2006
In a fit of coding I've changed the Inhabitants page to allow sorting by name, count and last update date. Woo.
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Lisa Icon20 Oct 2006
Having got a working scanner again I've added many new ads and reviews. Click that link in the menubar up there!
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Lisa Icon11 Dec 2006
Forgotten updates! 
From Linda and Spencer comes the nicest boxed Atari VCS I've ever seen, plus boxed games and a Dreamcast...nice :) Thanks folks, good luck for the future! 
From a local ebay seller comes a new condition Texas Instruments CC40, aka the TI99 in a tiny box with 1 line screen display and no local storage because it wasn't reliable! Pix soon. 
Aaaaand lastly but not leastly comes the best condition BBC Master 512 I've seen, complete with Technomatic hard drive, another 80186 copro from Watford Electronics plus lots of other toys. More on that soon.
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Lisa Icon25 Dec 2006
Happy Xmas from Binary Dinosaurs! May all your presents come in 8 bits, apart from maybe porcelain :o)
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