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Command Line Magic (Retweet)
Fri Jun 19 18:59:34
They started using Linux at the fortune cookie factory because they heard they could save a fortune.
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James O'Malley (Retweet)
Sat Sep 23 09:47:53
Also, how some clever nerds made teletext work over the internet using Raspberry Pi:
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Sep 23 10:02:18
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Emily Drabinski (Retweet)
Sat Sep 23 00:45:41
Lol at this cat @kdrabinski snapped today. 😂
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Sep 22 19:31:38
hmm… characters shifted one pixel to the right… #newbrain
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Sep 22 19:03:57
Meanwhile, over in the ‘making a rod for my own back’ department….old explodey RIFA out and a new one in. #newbrain
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