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Living Computers (Retweet)
Tue Nov 19 15:37:01
ICYMI, our friends @hackaday shared the story of our PDP-7/UNIX Version 0 restoration. They have a lot of cool #UNIX50 content linked, too!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Tue Nov 19 00:39:50
Result, 2 working AC8151s. Ol’ oily almost looks respectable now.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Nov 18 20:33:26
(I should mention that ASTEC have provided for both lead pitch sizes so they’re expecting smaller caps to be fitted at some point)
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Nov 18 20:28:48
This always bothers me. Old on the left, new on the right. I know they’re 38 years apart and materials etc have got better but still...
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Nov 18 19:08:07
Siri, show me a RIFA oil generator! Yet another ASTEC AC8151 that’s not just let the smoke out 💥
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Shirley Knott (Retweet)
Sat Nov 16 14:04:51
I'm really, really happy with my external zx81 keyboard now. I've blogged here about what I did:
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fraq (Retweet)
Thu Nov 14 19:09:10
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Nov 14 20:07:28
I should go to this really…
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