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The Register (Retweet)
Thu Aug 09 10:22:44
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ review: It's running FUSE! #zxvega
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ChinnyVision (Retweet)
Thu Aug 09 09:37:28
So when people say 'when did you get intro retro?' the answer is 'er I didn't, the kit I use just got old'.
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XKCD Comic (Retweet)
Wed Aug 08 17:11:27
Voting Software
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Humanoid History (Retweet)
Tue Aug 07 20:44:28
Welcome to the Age of the Computer, 1980-1985: photos from the collection of NASA's Glenn Research Center. Via @internetarchive.
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Ian Boddy (Retweet)
Wed Aug 08 09:49:57
This should be interesting. #system500 #rolandmodular #rolandaira #oldmeetsnew #rolandsystem100M
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Hyram Hackenbecker (Retweet)
Sun Aug 05 04:18:19
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