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Laura Sydell (Retweet)
Tue Dec 11 04:22:56
Another forgotten woman computer pioneer. "There would be no Bill Gates, no Steve Jobs, no internet, no word processors, no spreadsheets; nothing that remotely connects business with the 21st century.ā€¯Evelyn Berezin, 93, Dies;
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???? ?????? (Retweet)
Mon Dec 10 11:07:40
Happy 25th Anniversary, DOOM! I wrote a blog post about working on DOOM in 1993 here:
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Bad Dog Designs (Retweet)
Mon Dec 10 17:44:38
Will only register with a certain few.. #retrogamer Manic Miner has a lot to answer for #c64 #Speccy #RETROGAMING will probably have to sort one out for @Lord_Arse too..
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Dec 09 01:08:14
Built a little 8-key keypad to control the basic functions of my Tandata PA today. Amazing that this little thing is running a hacked Unix V7!
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hackaday (Retweet)
Fri Dec 07 06:01:06
Remember the PET 2001? It was one of the first PCs in schools. This clone is scratch-built from new production parts.
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