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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Feb 19 00:16:53
How many people remember the CST Thor? A Sinclair QL based machine from 1987 that featured multiple ROMs and a Rodime hard drive.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Feb 18 12:00:41
Anyone in the UK want some old ADSL routers, wifi extender and a wireless phone set from the 90s? I hate binning stuff. Pay postage only.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Feb 17 23:06:46
For today’s exhibition I revisited my most favourite Amiga game EVER, so rude not to have another go tonight eh.
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Tom Williamson (Retweet)
Sat Feb 17 22:22:13
@BinaryDinosaurs Pleasure to exhibit next to you sir! Your setup today looked very good! I take it the CPC was a bit terminal then?
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Feb 17 21:25:15
Successful and knackering day in Stratford at Recursion 2018 apart from my Amscrap CPC664 biting the dust - it thinks it’s floppyless. Bah.
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Andrew Back (Retweet)
Thu Feb 15 15:55:35
My Raspberry Pi Thinks It’s a PDP-8!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Wed Feb 14 20:25:12
Binatone pong consoles weren’t known for their solid PSUs, and this one isn’t helping that reputation...
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Lise (Retweet)
Wed Feb 14 18:55:58
There’s a ‘90’s rave happening in the whoops aisle...
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John Justice (Retweet)
Wed Feb 14 17:46:16
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Mike Dailly? (Retweet)
Wed Feb 14 10:18:22
Happy #Lemmings day!! 27 Years ago today, Lemmings was released onto an unsuspecting world.... #DMADesign #Psygnosis #Amiga #retro #Atari #Commodore #ZXSpectrum #C64 #EverythingEver
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