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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Nov 12 17:19:33
Thanks for the offer ebay, but I think I’ll pass.
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Ray [REDACTED] (Retweet)
Mon Nov 05 11:46:13
Happy 45th birthday to TCP/IP ! A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication VINTON G. CERF AND ROBERT E. KAHN
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Nov 04 10:31:48
More Tandata PA stuff. It had a fatal flaw that would mean you had to reset the machine and lose your data. Just found this message in the ROMs…
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ZX Gaming (Retweet)
Sun Nov 04 08:33:47
The Speccy X -
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Joel Comm (Retweet)
Sat Nov 03 13:25:02
Blue screen of death
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Nov 02 23:34:50
Power supply issues (ie I haven’t got one, bah) mean that with great fanfare and several of you going ‘WTF is THAT?’ I present the almost mythical Tandata PA. Writeup here:
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Marshall Julius (Retweet)
Fri Nov 02 09:07:10
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Nov 02 09:03:23
One more mystery tease of the new inhabitant!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Nov 02 00:26:55
More mystery chippery, a nice touch is that all of the ROMs are named Denis.
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Ken Shirriff (Retweet)
Thu Nov 01 22:14:35
The vintage IBM 1401 at @ComputerHistory wouldn't turn on. The many power supplies in the computer, card reader and memory unit are carefully powered on in sequence by complex relay logic. After measuring lots of voltages, we found bad contacts on relay #1. Now the computer works
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Nov 01 21:54:28
Turns out I’ve been subconsciously preparing for this mystery moment for $YEARS.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Nov 01 20:52:28
More excitement… though that 4-pin power socket may give me grief…
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