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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Apr 26 19:15:35
My ZX80 is permanently on display and I still have the original TV I used with my borrowed ZX80 back in, well, 1980. My own tribute.
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Kekule (Retweet)
Thu Apr 26 08:53:22
Dave DiOrio, father of the TED as the core of the Commodore 264 series, has just passed away. Thank you Dave for my 32 years of daily #plus4 usage and still going on, rest in peace, and SYS 52651 💔 #commodore #davediorio #c16
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Computing History (Retweet)
Thu Apr 26 06:34:19
A wonderful machine with its striking industrial design by Rick Dickinson ... a wonderful man. #sinclair @rickdickinson12 #zxspectrum
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Ast A. Moore (Retweet)
Thu Apr 26 09:53:41
I made a little something to commemorate a great man. #ZXSpectrum #design #RetroComputing #RIPRick
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Mark Hellewell (Retweet)
Thu Apr 26 09:03:56
A great shock today to hear that the legendary Sinclair designer Rick Dickinson has passed away. #RIPRick 🌈
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Binary Dinosaurs
Wed Apr 25 14:12:46
Who knew the TFT display was invented i 1978?
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Geoff Wearmouth (Retweet)
Wed Apr 25 02:43:56
#ZXSpectrum - Avoid using those clumsy, ready made keywords. For the first time in 36 years enter and run Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC by typing only alpha numeric characters and 32 symbols. Download the Looking Glass ROM #LG18 here
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Apr 23 21:56:06
Happy 36th birthday to the humble ZX Spectrum! I had to wait till ’83 to get mine and still use it at exhibitions… (crap pic I know)
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Apr 22 18:32:49
The blue neon tube in my kitchen clock failed ages ago. What shall I replace it with, LED fans?
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Apr 21 16:55:49
Finally, Nascom (actually Gemini) IO board.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Apr 21 16:55:20
Nascom RAM board inc string.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Apr 21 16:53:42
Buffer board, graphics and…yeah.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Apr 21 16:52:07
Nascom 1 board:
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Apr 21 16:50:23
Following on from last night here’s some pics of my new (to me) Nascom 1
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