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?Christa Isobel Lee? (Retweet)
Tue Aug 22 05:39:28
Are We: ❌ Men ✅ Devo
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Aug 21 22:39:56
hup-de-doo! A suggestion from a mailing list member made me change some reference resistors on my troublesome 520ST PSU aaaaand…
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Aug 20 23:29:03
Speaking of TI99/4a’s, I powered my ‘repair box’ one up earlier, it’s like new :)
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Aug 20 11:03:28
Apropos of nowt here’s a Pi Zero W + PiCam in an Altoids tin that I made earlier.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Aug 20 09:36:11
Who’s after a working C16 then? London based only, unfortunately. *plots*
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Aug 19 19:02:28
OK PSU experts, what could cause the 5V rail on a linear PSU to gradually fail over 5 minutes under load then recover when load is removed?
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Vertigo (Retweet)
Fri Aug 18 20:55:28
@BinaryDinosaurs That is a Commodore 65. Glorious!!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Aug 18 22:49:11
What I’ve been saying for EVAH.
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Fri Aug 18 14:30:32
#OnThisDay in #TechHistory, Hewlett-Packard, founded by #engineers Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard, was incorporated
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