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Buitengebieden (Retweet)
Fri Feb 21 18:28:55
Useless till the end. 😅
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Feb 24 23:18:22
Hey @zeninternet any outages reported in the Cambs area? I’ve gone dark.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Feb 22 21:38:45
As luck would have it I found an old car DC adapter that had exactly the right ends on for the Amscraps so a quick wire transplant later…
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat Feb 22 21:36:46
Back from the north and straight away set about tidying up the mess I left last week with bits of Amstrad NCx00 all over the place. Tested the fuse in the ‘dead’ NC200 and it was fine - the problem was my DC plug wasn’t making contact 🙄 7.5V up the battery terminals and…
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Binary Dinosaurs
Tue Feb 18 22:34:51
Dug out my Amstrad NC200 last night after fixing the NC100, I was unsurprised to find this one dead too so I’ve just stripped it down to check the fuse…
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