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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat May 26 09:51:54
Bought a gig switch yesterday and in the pics it looked huge. It’s just turned up...
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Computing History (Retweet)
Tue May 22 16:19:49
What's got ten 6809 processors, two 68000s, 73 keys and is coming all the way from Australia to be at the Centre for #Synthesized on the 23rd/24th June? It's a #Fairlight CMI Series III -
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?????? ????? ? (Retweet)
Sun May 20 10:16:41
Zero Wing updated to be GDPR compliant.
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b3ta (Retweet)
Fri May 18 11:01:20
Right. B3ta newsletter subs push. Please share this and ask your friends to sub. ASK THEM. Here's how it looked last week:
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Arduino (Retweet)
Mon May 14 12:34:10
Add WiFi connectivity to a 1980s BBC Micro using the Arduino MKR1000, then access games from the web:
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sat May 12 23:16:53
This is amazing, a home made arcade system that displays on yer humble oscilloscope...
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