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Stafford Cats (Retweet)
Thu Oct 19 11:34:52
OMG we have a lovely #BlackCat named BEAR!! Looking for his #foreverhome
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Binary Dinosaurs
Wed Oct 18 07:20:23
maybe because I use vi every day…
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English Russia (Retweet)
Sun Oct 15 20:39:48
Russian new Gazel Next vans have a hidden feature. Activated by pressing blinkers, high beam, clutch and gas in right combination:
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Bobson Dugnutt (Retweet)
Sun Oct 15 18:42:58
Trying to create floppy disks and someone keeps walking on the keyboard!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Oct 15 15:22:25
at least they told me beforehand.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Oct 13 00:12:48
for you kids out there I thought I’d share what it took to get a 1983 home computer talking to a floppy drive with CP/M.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Wed Oct 11 23:20:29
Yes! My NewBrain Paged Expansion module lives again.
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