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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Feb 15 21:42:26
In what turned out to be the simplest thing ever not only have I got twin floppies working on the MZ80B but a Gotek emulator worked first time too 😮 Behold.
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Joe's Computer Museum (Retweet)
Sat Feb 09 03:05:22
SHE LIVES. Get ready to rock and roll! #retrocomputer #singleboardcomputer #65C02
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Feb 14 23:01:34
For all their reputation of Making Things Difficult with their range of MZ machines I was surprised at how easy it was to make a cable adapter to run a bare floppy drive off an MZ80B.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Feb 14 18:20:18
Tsk, just about to change over the 6502 co-pro in this Master and someone demands attention, so *CAT
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Feb 14 00:27:16
That’s enough soldering and burnt fingers for tonight, a cable adapter made for my Sharp MZ80B to allow me to connect up a floppy drive. Continuity test good!
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Dominic Pajak (Retweet)
Wed Feb 13 12:09:45
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Manwe (Retweet)
Wed Feb 13 07:04:24
@8bitadc @BinaryDinosaurs @nvmusa I explained the technical side here:
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National Videogame Museum (Retweet)
Tue Feb 12 22:57:25
Check out the original, HAND-BUILT #Vectrex 3D Imager prototype – safe and sound now at the National Videogame Museum!
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