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Xmassy Dinosaurs
Tue Dec 12 01:30:41
TK2000 news: bugger. RAM DIN is driven by a PAL14L4ANC. It surprises me that a machine like this even has a PAL on board but there we are.
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Xmassy Dinosaurs
Mon Dec 11 19:04:49
It’s a start I suppose.
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Xmassy Dinosaurs
Mon Dec 11 19:04:11
TK2000 update update :) 8 new 4164s in place and much wiring checking plus harness resolder aaaaand…
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Xmassy Dinosaurs
Mon Dec 11 16:48:42
TK2000 update: 7 out of 8 of its MK4564 RAM chips dead short. Wonder if someone put them in upside down given their Vcc/Vss pinout is opposite to normal TTL...
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The Dragon Fairy (Retweet)
Sun Dec 10 17:47:43
More snow-topped central Cambridge
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Xmassy Dinosaurs
Sun Dec 10 14:51:12
Microdigital TK2000 from Brazil. I can see why it's previous owner gave up on it - wiring harness nightmare and a dead short somewhere from 5V-GND.
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DARPA (Retweet)
Sat Dec 09 14:00:20
On this day in 1968, “The Mother of All Demos” in S.F. presaged today's info & computing tech by integrating hypertext links, an early mouse, screen windowing, networking, and first-ever video presentation technologies. Here's a video record of the event:
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