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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Jun 24 22:43:32
Ok, testing with my ‘stunt’ home made ZX81-with-maplin-keyboard shows the stock PSU can’t provide enough voltage for the Franken81’s RAM boards, 12v is sitting at 9v so the original PSU for it must have been 16v or higher.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Jun 24 19:49:05
Hm. That looks like a loading pattern to me, implying the first thing it does is load a program from...?
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Jun 24 19:34:58
FrankenZX81 repairs complete, now the first power up with a pair of 2114 RAM chips to give me 1K. Normally this machine has a pair of 16K boards, but baby steps etc... My “9v” original 81 PSU is chucking out 13.8v...
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pimoroni (Retweet)
Mon Jun 24 15:06:02
Follow and retweet for a chance to win one of five shiny new Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB), a Pibow Case, & Power Supply! Entries valid until 9pm (BST) 5th July. We’ll pick five winners at random. GO GO GO! 💥
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Jun 23 22:35:37
It’s always good when you’re at an event and someone surprising rocks up going “I wrote all of that, me.” Here’s Paul Schlusser who worked at Fairlight in the 80s coding the user interface and display gubbins of the Fairlight III in 6809 assembler, lovely bloke.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Jun 23 12:51:01
Some 8bit noise for Sunday at @computermuseum. Who had a SpectDrum to annoy their parents with, or some SID manipulation with Electrosound64?
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