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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri May 29 21:06:30
Last week’s revelation that a capacitor in the floppy circuit of the Sanyo MBC555 was installed incorrectly made me dig out one of mine. Here’s the offending cap (C9), spot the accidental mistake!
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Dag Spicer (Retweet)
Fri May 29 19:30:27
Using the Computer History Museum’s running IBM 1401 data processing system (1959) as a template, “6502b” created this amazingly detailed scale model.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu May 28 16:01:26
I can’t believe our very own trustworthy BBC gave this credence this morning, with Rory Cellan-Jones asking ‘does it work?’ 🤣 *adds to list of ‘utter woo’* PS if anyone believes in this then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
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