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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Jul 23 14:39:30
More 70mm MicroFloppy stuff, ROM dump says Ericsson so I wonder if it’s from a PABX or similar…
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chinnyhill10 (Retweet)
Sat Jul 22 09:50:27
Locking yourself in a cupboard isn't being a refugee you twat!
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Shaun Keaveny (Retweet)
Fri Jul 21 16:51:12
Hey @realDonaldTrump, just reminding you before you disappear to one of your resorts for the weekend that you are a colossal wankshaft. Xx
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Jul 21 19:30:48
number 1 in a series of ‘Things I’ll Never Be Able To Build’, the Amiga 4000 Tower board :) (makes a nice wall display tho)
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Jul 21 18:04:46
Anyone remember one of these? A Facit 9911 MicroFloppy, measuring a healthy 2 11/16” or 70mm. Search turns up nowt…
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The Poke (Retweet)
Fri Jul 21 08:30:29
Your essential guide to today's Daily Mail front page by @DMReporter
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Jul 21 08:20:08
Want! *rattles piggy bank*
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Binary Dinosaurs
Tue Jul 18 21:59:00
Jason’s right, I never thought about what was running at the back end!
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Darren Dutton (Retweet)
Fri Jul 14 15:43:23
Is Wirral buffering?
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Binary Dinosaurs
Fri Jul 14 23:38:28
Cleaning up some cat barf led me to digging out an Acorn Master Compact, suprised to see all it needed was a new filter cap in the PSU…
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