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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Oct 17 17:37:13
Woo! Il est arrivé! Head over to @TheRetroManCave to get your own and support charity 👍🏻
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ZXHorace (Retweet)
Thu Oct 17 07:18:33
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Binary Dinosaurs
Thu Oct 17 07:48:48
RIP Stuart.
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Simon Lock (Aergan) (Retweet)
Wed Oct 16 19:39:44
@Octav1usKitten #JeSuisHorace
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Oct 14 19:28:16
Pulled the monster RIFA from the B700’s PSU and yep, it was on the verge of blowing 💥💨 After I’d also replaced the 100nF RIFA also in there I discovered a 4700pF one hiding at the other side of the board 🙄 Triple smokey fun!
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Oct 13 22:13:21
TIL that PET as in Commodore may have been named after Jack Tramiel’s wife’s initials. Amazing if true.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Sun Oct 13 17:15:11
First port of call with any machine that’s been dormant for (in this case) 16 years or so is the power supply to investigate swollen caps and RIFA smoke generators. L👀k at the size of THAT one! Also sorry spider, I hope you died in the last 16 years!
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