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Dan Schreiber (Retweet)
Tue Apr 16 09:42:37
Happy birthday #SpikeMilligan. Forever on my bookshelf and toilet wall. Would have been 101 today.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Apr 15 23:12:56
Some good news.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Mon Apr 15 18:31:34
Tonight’s task is getting to the bottom of the keyboard scanning on my Tandata PA. Time to break out the logic analyser!
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Ken Shirriff (Retweet)
Mon Apr 15 16:16:34
In the 1960s, mainframe used core memory for storage; 128 kilobytes filled a large cabinet and weighed 610 pounds. Core memory consisted of tiny ferrite cores on a wire grid. By 1970, IBM produced 20 billion cores a year. I examine an IBM S/360 core array:
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