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Digitiser2000 (Retweet)
Sun Jun 25 07:23:09
Eavis and Butthead. #Glastonbury2017
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Ken Shirriff (Retweet)
Sat Jun 24 00:33:12
Got our vintage Xerox Alto to display images. The 1973 Alto was one of the first computers with a high-resolution bitmapped display.
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John Aycock (Retweet)
Fri Jun 23 16:15:12
My talented summer student @ChartreuseK built an Atari 2600 "cartridge" that can play videos on the 2600:
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Binary Dinosaurs
Tue Jun 20 23:54:07
quick’n’dirty Atari VCS composite video mod based on posts from @tynemouthsw and @futurewas8bit. I’ll tidy it up in a couple of weeks ;)
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Pearly Queen (Retweet)
Wed Jun 14 15:54:51
Let's be honest. The only reason anyone listens to voicemail messages is to make that fucking icon disappear.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Wed Jun 14 09:50:24
Fantastic, knocks the one I did for Sabre Wulf into a cocked hat.
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Binary Dinosaurs
Tue Jun 13 23:30:33
Supposed to be gardening today but I had an Atari SIO2PC itch to scratch so made this:
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