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Museum Links
These are either individual collector's sites or references to jump-off points for other collecting sites and activities. All sites open in their own windows.
Other Collections and Museums
Kevan's Computer Collection - my old host's own collection site.
Steve Cooper's collection page
Rhode Island Computer Museum
Stefan Walgenbach's Home Computer collection
Pelikonepeijoonit - Finnish collectors
OldBits - German Collectors
Jim Trageser's computer page
Obsolete Computer Museum
Old Computer Mags - David Tolley's collection of 80s 8-bittery rags.....some smart reading!
Thomas Hillebrandt's site - Thomas is a Danish collector with an understanding girlfriend :) - great site from France stuffed with machines and information. The 4 owners have over 1000 machines between them! - not to be confused with .com, is based in Orange County, CA
Didier Luthi's own collection, nicely organised!
Erik Klein's personal collection, complete with a web-based forum.
Flash's collection site, home to a working Tandata PA.
Retro Publications
Retro Gamer - a new UK newstrade magazine dedicated to Retro Gaming, Remakes, Emulation, Classic Hardware and Software
Links to Links Pages
Dmoz Open Directory on collecting's Mac Links
Jacob Richman's Interesting Sites
Open Here - Hobbies & Crafts, Computer Collecting
FreezerDirect's Computer collecting section
Vintage Computer Festival's links page
Future Data Processing
Cool Goose computer collecting section
Ferris State University web links
Absolute ODP links section
The Ewing SeniorNet Computer Literacy Center - Museums's computing section
Dale's 540c Server and FTP site, hosted on a Powerbook 540c via hacked wireless!
Individual Machine References
Rich Harding's Dragon32 repository
Simon Hardy's Dragon Archive
Bo Zimmerman's Commodore collection
The Enterprise Repository
Cameron Kaiser's Secret Weapons of Commodore
The Nascom 1 homepage
Ultimate Play The Game appreciation website
Memotech MTX Memories
MTXWORLD - Memotech resource page
Jim Wills' Memotech page, by the man who founded Megastar software
MTX Computer Site by El Senator
Jag's House of Old Macs
Mick's Nascom Pages - get yer Nascom answers here!
AtariClassic - home of a few thousand unopened classic carts
AtariAge - excellent Atari history site is a great source of info on Apple kit
LowEndMac is also a great source of info on Apple kit
AppleFritter - Tom Owad is collecting info on every Apple clone out there!
Steve Marshall's Oric site, dedicated to Tangerine's little offspring - Excellent site stuffed with Nintendo Famicom clones
Ian Matthews' excellent site chronicling the history of Commodore and its products.

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