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IBM 5150
I knew I had this machine lying around somewhere but I was convinced it was a 'proper' XT, not a 5150....when I received the other 5150 last week I just had to dig this one out too. Typically it was nearly the highest machine on the shelves, and lo - it's a bog standard 256K 5150 that's been upgraded with CGA graphics and a 20mb hard drive with controller. Of course, all that meant it also needed a beefier PSU, so the old 63W standard one has been replaced with a 150W one that's more than capable of running everything. There's also another 256K memory card in there and a parallel printer card. As you can see I haven't tried to clean it up yet :)
Sadly there's nothing installed apart from a DOS 5 COMMAND.COM and 2 utilities - HotDir and ARJ.

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