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Cloning the Tandy TRS80 range of computers seemed to be a popular pastime in the 80s with the likes of Wales' Dragon Data, Dick Smith in Australia and Brazil's Microdigital all getting in on the act. In 1985 enter VTech with the Laser 200 which was basically a miniaturised Color Computer like the MC10. In the UK it was marketed as the TEXET TX8000 which is what I remembered it as, Dick Smith sold it as the VZ200. Unfortunately for Vtech it was a bit 'too little too late' for the UK since the ZX Spectrum had been selling particularly well in the couple of years beforehand so it was too limited, particularly in colour pallette which was the same as the Coco/Dragon32. Only 4K of RAM too. Mine has suffered a RAM or ROM based death as you can see.

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