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TRS-80 Model 1 Level II, boxed with many extras donated by Rick Reed and his family; many thanks :) More soon.
Another TRS-80 Model 1 Level II in a 'complete system' type of packing with machine, monitor and tape recorder all in one box and Donated by Andy Smith, thanks!
TRS80 Model 2 in excellent condition donated by Ian Castledine, thanks Ian! Just need to find LDOS on 8" disks :)
16K TRS80 Model III complete with dust covers and printer. Pity airport baggage handlers are less than careful :(
48K TRS80 Model III with dual drives, working. Cheers to Kevan Heydon!
TRS80 Model 4, boxed complete and also from Andy Smith. Pix soon.
Boxed TRS-80 CoCo complete.
TRS80 64K CoCo Model 2 with joystick.
TRS80 Model 4P Portable, bust for now.
1110HD laptop with disks and PSU.
TRS80 Model 100 Portable in case - courtesy of Peter Goodrich. Thanks Peter! He also gave me the next 2 machines.
TRS80 CoCo 2
MC-10 with RAM Pack
TRS80 CoCo 3, boxed unopened, direct from Ken Baker's shed.
WP2 word processor, looking scarily like the Amstrad NC100 notebook
3 1/2 floppy drive for the 100 Portable, also from Peter. The next 4 items are from him too.
Twin 5 1/4 drives for the CoCo
Unused cassette recorder for the CoCo3
TRS80 dedicated cassette deck
Carts for the CoCo
Music Synthesizer for the CoCo
Boxed joysticks for the TRS-80, mint.
CoCo joysticks
Loads of books/manuals/software for the TRS80, CoCo and portables, also from Peter.
TRS80 Graphic Plotter and PSU, excellent condition.
Science Fair electronics kit, unused.
Tandy Projects kit - my own from the 70s :)
Radio Shack Sensory chess computer, boxed unused.

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