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Tandy 1000SX
Strictly speaking there's nothing special about this machine since it's a beige DOS box, but just look at it. I've been after one of these for years so when Brian Ecclestone contacted me saying he was about to dump it in a skip I literally jumped in the car for a several hour drive. He also gave me a load of other interesting machines, cheers Brian!
This was Tandy's answer to the IBM PC Jr and sold exclusively in its own stores. Powered by an Intel 8088 processor it featured on-board CGA graphics with 16 colours, sound and twin joystick ports for all your DOS gaming needs. Apparently it was Tandy's biggest selling PC compatible. It also has one of the best keyboards I've had the pleasure to use, and the green-screen monitor has that pleasing decay on scrolling. It's also easy to add a hard drive controller so I might just do that at some point...
2018 Update
I said earlier that I might add a hard drive controller to this machine but as things turned out I had a chance recently to try not only a CF Card adapter but also a rapidly becoming ubiquitous Gotek/FlashFloppy USB stick combination. DOS 5 install? No problem as you can see. The CF adapter may become a permanent fitting.

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