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Sharp MZ80A
The MZ80A was Sharp's second machine and was a pleasant change to the MZ80K. Like Commodore it would seem that Sharp learned from the awful chiclet keyboard of the original machine and furnished this model with a very pleasant keyboard that's very easy to touch type on. This machine came from my local free-recycling group and all that was wrong with it at the time was a missing '0' key and a broken 'record' key on the built-in cassette deck.
2018 Update
Whilst helping another collector fix his own 80A that had a vertical field collapse problem with the analogue board mine decided it was going to have the same failure. Obviously the fault wasn't an identical one even though the symptoms were the same. Much schematic reading, capacitor replacement and probing/measuring led me to the conclusion it was the vertical deflect IC causing the problem. Trouble is, matching replacements were expensive and the modern replacement didn't fit so I pulled the same chip from my not-powered-up-for-15-years MZ80K to double check things before I stumped up for another 'new' one. Result!

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