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MB Simon
Milton Bradley really were The Boys in the late 70s with their innovations. One of the machines of the day that *really* got Joe Public's imagination was called Simon. Simple idea - yer small computer plays tunes and you have to remember 'em and play them back using the 4 brightly coloured pads.....get it wrong and Simon blows a computerised raspberry at you. Not only that, but up to 4 (count 'em) players could join in.......Most cool, and most annoying that every time I saw one of these at a boot sale the bloke in front of me would buy it...grrrrr....
Normally with a gadget like this you'd think the name came from the son of one of the designers or summat, but in this case I think it's more along the lines of 'Simon Says', and if you've never heard of that game I want to know where you've been living :)
This one comes courtesy of Rich Harding; good swap for an Intellivision I think.

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