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EACA Video Genie
This was the first in the Genie line from EACA in Hong Kong, a Z80 based monster of a machine with a built-in tape drive and starting with 16K of RAM, expandable to 48K by the very Heath Robinson method exhibited by this machine here, since it's got a RAM expansion in it.
These machines were basically Tandy TRS80 clones complete with the ubiquitous Microsoft BASIC in ROM, and date from 1981 upwards in various flavours - Genie I, MicroDigital Video Genie (same as the Video Genie), Genie II (numeric keypad instead of tape drive and ROM enhancements including lower case!), Genie III (I think, had 2 vertical 5.25" floppies to the right of the built-in monitor....very TRS80 Model 3) and the EG2002 Color Genie. EACA managed to get them pretty much in all major geographies; the only one I can think of up to now is the Dick Smith System-80 from New Zealand.
This machine not only has the extra 32K of RAM but also a Lower Case ROM extension, much like my other boxed Genie. It also doesn't work too well in common with all machines of the day; I'm guessing this is principally because it uses 2114 RAM chips for its video RAM (also Vectrex, CBM PET, UK101 etc etc) which aren't known for their longevity!

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