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Commodore VC-20
Renamed for the German market because 'Vic' in German is 'fuck', though I'm wondering if this one came into existence purely because of a shortage of VIC namebadges since the serial number sticker still says VIC. Rich Harding over at also has one and his is the same. Have to do some digging sometime for that, though the donator of my A1000, Thomas Hillebrandt, got a VC-20 recently and his does say 'VC-20' on the serial number sticker, so I think my theory about a shortage of VIC badges might be correct! It certainly doesn't surprise me :)
Anyway, this one appears to have been used for christmas lighting control since it's mounted on an old school desk lid, has a natty blue perspex keyboard (and power switch) cover and the cassette in the tape deck says 'xmas house control'. Loading up the program gives me a load of POKE commands to whatever was connected to the expansion port, maybe a lighting sequence or something? Weird.

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