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Commodore 16
For some reason best left to Jack Tramiel, probably a sufeit of parts in the warehouse again, CBM decided to take their best selling home machine (C64, natch), take out 3/4 of its memory and make it completely incompatible; I think even the BASIC had differences. All the ports with the exception of video, serial and user port (used by what?!) were different so you couldn't use your old faithful C2N tape deck or your joysticks or your carts. Instead you had a whole slew of new peripherals from very poor joysticks through the 1531 tapedeck to the 1551 floppy drive, which all came in tasteful grey and dark brown. Mmmm. The machine was called the CBM 264 series C16 and surprisingly didn't really sell that well. Unsurprisingly they suffered the same problems as the Plus/4 in the dead chip department (CPU and video), so 95% of 'em that you find at a boot sale will be dead.

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