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Polystation Famicom Clone

I larfed lots when Rich over at Dragondata told me he'd found a couple of these in his local tip. Of course, the Polystation isn't a Playstation copy at all, even though it looks and feels like one! 4 screws later and my suspicions are confirmed that of course this is yet another Nintendo Famicom/NES clone made using possibly the world's worst plastic and components :)

The instant giveaways are the cart slot under the lid and the sheer lack of size of the circuit board - it doesn't need that much space to store half a dozen different variants of about 15 games (yes the box says 99999999 in one but you don't believe that do you). In the pix below the 2 small epoxy blobs on the circuit board are the ROMs containing the games. You've even got to be cautious plugging the thing in 'cos you think you're going to break the connectors off! Suffice to say I didn't go near the PSU and used a generic one instead :)

Compare and contrast the internals found in the megadrive II lookalike I've got. As you can see it works, but only after a fashion. The pix were taken on a composite monitor so you'd expect a rock-steady signal, but the picture quality was only marginally better than the TV output which is done using no adjustable modulator! These things must cost pennies to make so I'm curious to know how much they cost to buy.

Still, it's BOXED! NEW! WOW*R@RE*LOOK!

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