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Apple ][GS
This was the last in the venerable line of Apple ][ machines, and includes such Mac-like features as ADB mouse and keyboard ports, special Mac-like keyboard and support for 3.5" floppy drives as well as Apple ][ 5 1/4" drives. It's possible to use the Disk][ from the Apple ][ as long as you put the expansion card in slot 7 of the GS. It's also worth noting that to run GS/OS you need at least ROM 01 machines, fortunately this one is such a machine. (Did you spot I'd nicked the text from the other ][GS page? :)
This machine came from the Apple dealership of Jon Newson and used to run the shop's contact database on top of Apple ProDOS. Jon was full of praise for the machine because it was faster than anything else he needed for such a contact database and it just sat there powered on for many months at a time doing its job. Just like a machine should do, without needing rebooting every time the wind changes direction.....

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